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Name That Plant! Week 21


In the beginning of summer, I went a little crazy with nasturtium, putting them on top of everything for garnish. It’s a flower that tastes peppery, and makes things look tropical — what’s not to like? Nasturtium salad it is! Well, those are long gone for the season. Here’s another edible flower that’s a little more modest-looking, but it has many uses, too. And I’ve been enjoying one certain use for them a lot this winter.

Think you know it? Guess in a comment below and the first correct answer will win for this week… a free egg cream at Brooklyn Farmacy and Soda Fountain, and the opportunity to take my fruit CSA share for next week. I’ll be out of town! The pickup location for my CSA is also the Brooklyn Farmacy, which if you haven’t visited yet, I highly recommend. There’s sundaes, malts and sodas, and a nice collection of local food goodies on the shelves. But the real highlight about the place may just be the place itself; an old pharmacy that was abandoned for decades but kept basically intact, my pal Petey Freeman fixed it up with the help of a TV crew last spring, and brought it into spankin’ new shape. Check it out. And the CSA pickup (for Red Jacket Orchards’ winter fruit, jam and juices) is Tuesday, from 4-7pm. So if you win this week’s Name That Plant, please swing by then so you can take all my stuff. And stay for an egg cream. Ready, set, name that plant!


Comment from Meg
Time December 13, 2010 at 9:04 pm