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Post-Irene Rooftop Recap

In a word: we’re totally fine! Yes, Red Hook, Brooklyn was looking to be the eye of Hurricane Irene according to many experts’ forecasts in the few days before it hit the East Coast. But luckily, we chanced out, and our little rooftop garden suffered only a few snapped sunflower stems as a result. Hallelujah, […]

Report From the Coop: 5 Things I Learned From Raising Chickens (So Far)

It’s been a while since I mentioned how the hens were doing. I’m happy to report that the Sixpoint hens have survived the Christmas blizzard of 2010 right at home on their Red Hook rooftop. This morning, they were prancing about in the run beeping and squawking just as cheerfully as always, even though there […]

Lay, Ladies, Lay

It amazes me that these things pop out of our little chickens nearly once a day. How do their bodies produce eggs so quickly? With their hard, calcium shells and all? I’m awed by this, and by the quality and flavor of what’s inside these shells: fat marigold yolks, suspended in a gelatinous clear orb […]