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Name That Plant! Week 5

Yes, it’s Friday, but that means we can still squeeze in a day of playing Name That Plant! There are all sorts of them just now perking up on the roof. Like these little, triangular peppers, with a vivid purple hue. They pack some pretty good heat, too.

Name That Plant! Week 4

I’ve misplaced some of the half-empty seed packets that were used this spring, so it took me a little while to retrace what this plant’s called. But it has definitely been the question of the hour at the brewery, since their stalks are so productive that I’ve been handing out one of these incredibly long, […]

Name That Plant! Week 3

This is another tough one. I don’t expect anyone to have seen it or eaten it before, as I certainly haven’t until inspecting the leaves and gently plucking them off, like an archaeologist at a dig. It’s a very unusual leafy green, that’s at least for sure.

Name That Plant! Week 2

Spring is evidently still in full-swing on the rooftop, although the warm weather might have us think differently. These pole beans have just hit their stride and are proliferating with a handful of mature pods each day. They’re an heirloom variety that I’d previously never heard of nor seen before buying their seeds. Yellow when […]

Name That Plant! Week 1

Thank goodness for the rain last week. It came just in time to save the fledgling plants from the heatwave — and to refill the rainwater collection system, which had been dry for nearly a week. This means that our humble rooftop garden will be ensured of plenty of plants to play Name That Plant […]

Name That Plant! Week 21

In the beginning of summer, I went a little crazy with nasturtium, putting them on top of everything for garnish. It’s a flower that tastes peppery, and makes things look tropical — what’s not to like? Nasturtium salad it is! Well, those are long gone for the season. Here’s another edible flower that’s a little […]

Name That Plant! Week 20

This week’s Name That Plant contest is more of a food-and-music trivia question with a visual clue. You’ll name this plant, if you can figure out the following: The tree of this fruit was the subject of a Peter, Paul and Mary song. This is one of the four plants mentioned in a folk song […]

Name That Plant! Week 19

I hope everyone had a gobble-icious Thanksgiving, and got to make your favorite side dish or stuffing for a huge group. My best contribution to the Thanksgiving spread this year? A platter of roasted romanesco. I tried a little “name that plant” game with my family when I took it out of the farmers’ market […]

Name That Plant! Week 18

Who knew? It’s mid-November and still no frost in sight. I would have imagined a year ago that it would definitely be a done season for gardening by this time, but in fact, many plants grow best in the fall, like the crucifers — cabbages, broccoli and such — which Long Island farmer Fred Lee […]

Name That Plant! Week 17

So, fall harvest season on the rooftop garden hasn’t been all that productive. Between planting some crops too early (like the winter squash) and others just not enough (what? Not all seedlings survive?) and the freakish hailstorm of a few weeks ago, we’ve got a modest patch of leafy greens, radishes and herbs. Fair enough. […]