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Chipotle Seitan ‘n Eggs

This was too fun a meal not to share. While the brewery’s undergoing massive renovations to the space, and garden plans for this season have been on hold, we’ve still got to eat. The eggs have been proliferating by the hens week by week, ever since late February. Now we have a surplus, and found […]

Peanut Butter & Brownstone Ale Cake

Friday marked the birthday of brewer Pete, and we managed to surprise him by baking this cake right under his nose. (Or over it, as the new kitchen is directly above the brewery.) I was looking around for chocolate that morning, maybe some leftover bars from a visit by the Mast Brothers. I thought some […]

Spicy Pickled Carrots With Fennel Fronds

As the air gets colder by the day, and the garden spits out its last peppers and cherry tomatoes of the year, it was time for a little cleaning-out of the containers on the roof. Some are still growing radishes planted not too long ago; some still have potatoes branching out every whichway in the […]

Harvest Crudite with Yellow Split Pea Dip

What to do with a random smattering of peppers, pole beans, cucumber, and cherry tomatoes to harvest on any given day? Well, one of the easiest things you can do is to put them out, fresh, as a fresh salad or crudite platter. After doing this a couple times this late summer, it occurred to […]

Deviled Eggs with My Friend’s Mustard

‘Tis the season for deviled eggs — not that anyone here minds eating them all year. It’s also high season for eggs from the hens, who lay almost one a day each. Must be all the spent grain they’re getting, and their yolks are as orange as ever from more leafy greens from the garden […]

Strawberry Saison

If “Saison” means “season” in French (and it does), then this drink is actually a double entendre — it’s strawberry season on the rooftop! Or, make that “saison des fraises.”

Spring Flowering Greens & Quinoa Salad with Mint

I’ve been nipping the buds off of herbs for weeks now — thyme, caraway and even sage that had overwintered. But since planting them in the kegs early April, some of the leafy greens are about at that precious stage now. Picking the flowers off of these greens — deflowering them, as it were — […]

And… We’re Alive!

Beans. They’re actually the seeds of the plant. And even though they may look bone-dry and ready to cook to death in soup, these dried beans are essentially what you plant in spring, to have a giant beanstalk by the start of summer. We had our beanstalks pretty much grown by this time of year […]

Mac and Good Cheese From Our Latest Red Hook Neighbor

Some people might say it’s sacrilegious to use a huge wedge of Cabot Clothbound Cheddar in a casserole of macaroni and cheese. But we say… thanks, Anne Saxelby! The cheesemonger of New York City’s Essex Market has opened an outpost in Brooklyn, right down the street from the brewery. For the grand opening of her […]

Breakfast (or Lunch) Burritos

There’s something about these eggs. They make the silkiest scrambled, creamiest poached, and most striking sunny side-up, with its deep orange yolk. They must have twice the richness of average store-bought eggs. And they’ve been popping out of the hens with increasing speed these past few springlike weeks.