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Peanut Butter & Brownstone Ale Cake

Friday marked the birthday of brewer Pete, and we managed to surprise him by baking this cake right under his nose. (Or over it, as the new kitchen is directly above the brewery.) I was looking around for chocolate that morning, maybe some leftover bars from a visit by the Mast Brothers. I thought some […]

How to Make a Fresh Fruit Hand Tart

They call these things “hand tarts” because in theory, you’re supposed to make them small enough to pick up and eat just by hand. But the way I made one last, it was pretty much full-size. See, I didn’t have a tart pan. I didn’t even have a pie pan, as I seem to bring […]

Deliciously Simple Raspberry Frozen Yogurt

I’ve been getting some “Where’s dessert?” requests after lunch lately, and I’m sure they’re just joking, but here it is. It wasn’t much of a feat to pull off, however. “Frozen yogurt” might conjure mysterious fat-free ingredients and processed food, but it can be just as simple as that, with fruit.