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Apple Bread Pudding with Dried Apricots & Sage

So I didn’t tell anyone that I took the last five or six of their dried apricots from the kitchen, which had been left out for more than a week. What I did was chop them up and fold them into a rich, milky concoction of chopped apples, brown sugar, beaten eggs and tears of […]

A Colorful Holiday Dinner at Sixpoint

One ham. Two veggies. One risotto, with butternut squash. Two homemade ice cream flavors, and a big apple crisp. Such were the simple delicacies on the table last night for Sixpoint’s annual holiday party for staff. Does it sound a little slim? If there’s anything I’ve learned about cooking for groups this year, it’s to […]

Spent Grain & Turkey Heart and Gizzard Dog Treats

In all my years of cooking for others, one year of caring for dogs, and several months of experimenting with edible uses for the biggest byproduct of beer production, spent grain, I finally figured out a way to serve all three at the same time. I don’t know why it took this long to get […]

Lasagna, Skipping A Lot of the Steps

Making lunches that are suitable for a large group, preferably those that reheat easily for lunches the next day, has led me to rekindle many classic American dishes that I never actually grew up with. Iconic family food of the week: lasagna. Garfield’s favorite. But it was never mine.

Stuffed Cabbage with Chorizo

I think this must have been one of the first lunches I made for the staff at Sixpoint. It was before Lunch at Sixpoint was a blog, or even a habit. And I’ve made it a couple times since. The response was good: “It’s very colorful,” the brewers complimented. (I’d made it with red cabbage, […]

Name That Plant! Week 16

Before I start giving away clues about this week’s mystery plant photo, I wanted to share some exciting news. This Sunday, I’ll be talking about plants, urban agriculture, and cooking with healthy greens at WNYC’s Greenspace for a series called “Lopate and Locavores.” Fred Lee (from one of my absolute fave organic farms Sang Lee […]

Pumpkin Panna Cotta with Wort Syrup

A couple weeks ago, we had a festive “dinner at Sixpoint.” The occasion? Jersey Dan, Sixpoint’s Philly rep, was in town, and he wanted to cook. It was a fun day of collaborating for this family-style feast, and a welcome change of pace. Together, and in between sips hearty sips drawn from downstairs, we came […]

Savory Squash Scones

Winter squash has plumped in all shapes and sizes this fall. My goal, due to an incredible hailstorm of these gourds as gifts, is to cook them in about as many forms as they come. Butternut squash green curry with coconut milk? Done that. Pumpkin panna cotta? Next on the list. On Not Eating Out […]

How (and How Not) to Infuse Olive Oil

Pretty soon, when I reach for the ubiquitous bottle of olive oil in the kitchen, I’ll have a variety of flavors to choose from. Forget having one “good” bottle, for dips and drizzles, and a decent one for cooking with. Now there’s basil-infused olive oil, for topping winter soups and pastas when the fresh basil’s […]

Squash Pizza with Honey & Rosemary

There were mixed reactions to this unconventional pizza, if you can still call it that, with no tomatoes or cheese. Maybe squash flatbread, or foccaccia would seem more fitting, but the dough is just a basic whole wheat pizza crust. Call it what you will, this dish is all about the squash. And we have […]